Personnel Force custom-tailors our programs to meet your requirements; permanent, contract, sub-contractor or managed services, term or temporary – with all services fully guaranteed. Our registration and evaluation system ensures you get the right candidate every time.

Our candidates’ skills are tested on the most current software packages, and our inventory is fully computerized and cross-referenced. What this means to you is that your needs are responded to quickly and accurately. You make only one call….and we do the rest.

  • Why Personnel Force is for you
    • Complete management flexibility
    • No severance, discipline, or dismissal problems
    • We assign – we handle payroll and source deductions
    • We recruit – we test – we interview
    • No obligation – complete commitment

  • Why Temporary Help Makes Sense
    • To handle “Peak-leads” in your business cycle
    • To “Ramp-UP” for a special project
    • To test-market a new service or products
    • To replace absentees from sick leave, maternity leave, vacation leave, etc.

  • Administrative Office Support/Professional
    • Professional resources offered, but not limited to:
    • Clerk ( Junior-Intermediate-Senior)
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Executive Assistant
    • Communications Officer
    • Human Resources
    • Public Relations/Media Relations
    • Marketing Professionals
    • ATIP
    • Records Management
    • DataEntry
    • Translator
    • Project Manager/Coordinator
    • Medical Secretary
    • Accounting clerk( Junior-Intermediate-Senior)
    • Finance Officer
    • Accountant (CA, CGA, CMA)
    • Procurement Officer/Specialist
    • Business Analysts
    • Call Center Management/Operators

  • IT/ Tech Professionals
    • IT Professionals offered include:
    • Change Management
    • Analyst EDRMS/RDIMS Specialist
    • IM/IT Project Management
    • Operations Support Specialist
    • Networking Specialist
    • Programmer
    • Systems Analyst
    • Quality Assurance Specialist
    • Systems and Database Administrators/Technical Support
    • Data Architect
    • Internet/Intranet Developer
    • Technical Writer
    • Hardware/Software Engineer
    • Web Administrator
    • Graphic Designer

    Engineering Professionals

Personnel Force wants to serve you better. Clients please give us feedback by submitting our Quality Control Sheet.

 Download Quality Control Sheet – MS Word Format (SUBMIT FORM)

Personnel Force ensures the market’s most competitive rates with sensitivity to your needs for cost-effectiveness. Quotations for the service of category you require can be made by one of our professional Human Resource consultants. One call is all that is needed to unlock the human resource solutions of Personnel Force.


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