Web Developer- Remote- 4 Month Contract

Our client requires that a web-based survey tool be developed in line with the following requirements:
• Must be a web-based resource that has the common look and feel of a Government of Canada website (Treasury Board Secretariat’s Common Look and Feel for Internet: Standards and Guidelines policy) It does not need to be hosted on a Government of Canada server, however the client requires the link to be provided so that it can be linked to from a Government of Canada website.
• Must have a mobile-friendly interface to ensure it is simple to access and complete.
• Must provide a plan for testing the engagement tool. Client will work with the Contractor to identify a group for testing. Responses from the Beta Testing phase are to ensure that the early use of the tool responds to the needs of the client. Upon review of the Beta testing phase, the client will provide any feedback on the format of the report to the Contractor within 2 weeks of receiving the Beta testing feedback report. The Contractor will ensure all changes are made for the final launch of the website for the public.
• Must be able to gather feedback from many users. The Contractor will be required to conduct load and stress testing in advance of Beta Phase testing.
• Must be able to generate a report with all feedback collated based on the question type, type of user (commercial or recreational) and program.
• The contractor will be required to work with client specialists to input the questions and create an appropriate type of response (comments box, multiple choice options, etc.)
• For ease of access, the Contractor will be required to have seven (7) different tabs on the website – one for each program Specific questions for each program will be provided to the Contractor when the contract is awarded.
• The Contractor will be required to monitor the website, ensuring it operates as required and that any issues are resolved once identified. The Contractor is required to inform Coast Guard within 2 business days of any issues affecting the usability, accessibility or functionality of the website. The Contractor will work to fix any identified problems within 2 business days and will inform the client in writing when the survey is fixed.
• The Contractor will offer the public users with a choice to complete the survey in either French and English. All content for the website will be provided by the client to the Contractor in both official languages.

Milestone 1: Trial testing of the website and reports provided to the client- 5 weeks after contract award.

Milestone 2: Launch of the Public Website – 8 weeks after contract award.

Milestone 3: Final reports from public feedback cycle – 5 months after contract award.

Milestone 4: Removing website from public domain – 2 weeks before end of Contract period.

We thank all interest, but only those being considered for interview will be contacted.

Send resume to: jobs@personnelforce.com