Exceptional service starts with an understanding of your goals- where you’ve been, and where you’re heading. We must be the ‘strongest’ advocate of what your company offers to its potential employees- the privilege they would have in becoming part of your team.
To that end, we ask ALL the questions. We get to know the uniqueness that is your company. We respectfully, but assertively, review applicants with a view to their skills and, equally, a view to their “fit” within your company.
You want the “right” employee. Our partnering with you gives us a greater understanding of the passion and purpose that is your company’s hallmark, and that will be expected of new employees. We take our time with you and develop a long-term relationship enabling us to serve you better.
We are pro-active in our searches and recruiting methodologies. In many cases, the ideal employee is not actively looking for a new career. They must be sought out- informed of the unique opportunity- and encouraged to consider and apply.
The respect that we have garnered after decades in the industry, gives us and our clients a competitive advantage. We have a reputation of being ‘straight shooters’- candidates and clients know that we are looking after their best interests.
The choice is clear. It’s all about the “fit”. Ensure that you’ve made the right choice.
Personnel Force.