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Financial Specialist- Filled and Closed

Financial Specialist Duties include:
 Assisting with the planning and coordinating financial management activities including financial
estimates and business requirements
 Evaluating financial management procedures
 Assisting with conducting cost benefit analysis and life cycle costing (Cost and estimate
 Developing/Assisting with the development of business plans
 Developing/Assisting with the development of models to carry out cost analysis of the resources
required to perform specific inspections related to a project (Project Management)
 Performing risk analysis
 Assisting with the determination of resources required for implementation of projects such as
acquisition costs, operation and maintenance costs and both recurring and non-recurring costs
 Assisting in developing costs for specific activities such as: direct project costs, project support
overhead, corporate and administrative (C&A) overhead, costs of products and services, and other
related costs (Financial accounting)
 Planning, acquiring, and controlling the use of funds so as to meet the goals of an organization and
maximize its value (Procurement integration in Project Management, contract process management)
 Assisting with the identification of organization’s financial and non-financial objectives so as to
improve its performance, determining whether those objectives are being effectively achieved
 Developing and modifying business cases and financial plans for the future.
 Developing and coordinating financial reporting requirements.
 Performing financial systems updates and supports to reflect changes in business structure and
 Performing financial data analysis
 Identifying internal controls, develop tests plans and perform testing of controls.

 Communication materials (e.g. briefing notes and/or decks for senior management)
 Reports on the results of trial balance reviews and analyses;
 Reconciliations of various balance sheet accounts;
 Prepare and provide accounting entries and supporting documentation resulting from the
reconciliation of balance sheet accounts;
 Reconciliations of Capital Asset Schedules and preparation of correcting accounting entries and
supporting documentation;
 Research on various accounting issues and provision of accounting advice and guidance on those
 Perform various financial data analysis;
 Compilation of various data sets for input into the financial system;
 Preparation of data and testing of extract, transfer and load into financial system;
 Updating of internal training and guidance documents;
 Reports on significant issues and risks related to the work. These reports must provide a description
of the issues, its potential impact, and a recommended approach to address the issue. The reports
must be provided in either written or verbal form as agreed by the Technical Authority; and
 Documentation deliverables are required in an electronic copy using the MS Office suite of products
using the version control methodology defined by the Technical Authority;
 Final products and formal intermediate deliverables must be stored as defined by the Technical Authority;
 Assisting with reconciliation, preparation of financial data relevant to financial position
 Assist activity area with tasks relating to the provision of financial management advice
 work with the respective activity areas to identify cost drivers for operational enablement
and internal services functions.

We thank all interest but only those being considered for interview will be contacted.

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