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Senior Librarian/ Archivist- Filled and Closed

The objective is to retain the services of one senior level Librarian/Archivist to develop the policies, procedures and tools necessary to maintain a centralized subscription management function. This will include consulting with various stakeholders to establish the bounds of the subscription management program, developing and validating policy and procedures, developing tools to assist future staff in evaluating requests, and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and methods for monitoring the success and value of the program going forward.

  1. Deliverables/tasks and Schedule
    The Librarian/Archivist must perform various tasks, including but not limited to the following:
    Orientation and Document Review
    • Collect and review all existing process and subscription documentation.
    • Meet with Project Authority to learn about work and discuss work plan.
    Development of Policies, Processes, Tools and Documentation
    • Develop overarching plan for re-patriation of subscriptions
    • Develop process for evaluating subscription requests based on a cost/benefit perspective
    • Provide recommendations on appropriate governance for the subscription management program
    • Develop, validate, and socialize policy on subscription management at , that details roles and responsibilities, monitoring data usage and compliance around data use terms
  2. • Create library of subscription information, including quick fact sheets detailing use restrictions, available resources, and instructions for requesting access
  3. • Develop tools for tracking contracts
  4. • Develop KPIs and monitoring plans for evaluating use of subscriptions and efficacy of the subscription management program
  5. Facilitating Meetings and Presenting
  6. • Prepare materials for meetings.
  7. • Actively participate in meetings with stakeholders to brainstorm, provide updates on work and be assigned tasks.
  8. Deliverables
  9. • All noted policies and procedures above
  10. • Tracking tools for managing contracts and data usage
  11. • Monitoring and evaluation plan, including KPIs to facilitate ongoing monitoring
  12. Schedule and Availability
  13. • Timeline of tasks, meetings, and deliverables to be agreed upon with the Project Authority at the outset of and throughout the contract.

We thank all interest, but only those being considered for interview will be contacted.

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