How is my confidentiality protected?

As a client, you want to protect your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Competitors will always endeavor to find out what you are ‘doing’- you want to keep your progressive hiring practices confidential. As a candidate, you do not want to compromise your current position while entertaining other opportunities.

In both cases, the only marketplace exposure is that of Personnel Force. We are always publicly visible and we retain the strictest confidences of both our clients and our candidates.

Why wouldn’t I do it myself?

The reality of looking for that ideal employee is that most of the preferred candidates are not looking. They are already ‘gainfully’ employed and are not searching the job-posting boards. We call their ‘status’ passive. Our unique recruitment ‘head-hunting’ techniques gives us access to these candidates. We inform them of your opportunity- advocate on your behalf- and develop intrigue and interest in the career progression that your opportunity would afford them.

Why a “confirmation of search” document?

Personnel Force prides itself in finding the most suitable Professionals for our clients. The techniques used reflect current, up-to-date strategies and procedures. These steps are extensive- and costly. The “Confirmation of Search” document ensures that the client is serious in achieving a successful outcome by using Personnel Force’s services.

Client upfront costs

There is no charge for Personnel Force’s services until such time as a placement has been made. All recruitment, search, interviews, assessment procedures, and resume reviews are furnished as part of our placement strategy. Clients must sign a “Confirmation of Search” document to initiate the recruitment process.

Staying in touch

Send us your updated CV and contact information. Please notify us, after registration, if you have started a new job and are no longer available. Thank you for replying to us when we reach out- it helps us serve you better.

Do I need work references?

Work references are an important component of your resume as they verify your experience and work ethic historically. We request that all candidates that are being considered for placement have at least 3 work related references.